This course will focus on all the fundamentals as well as advanced concepts of PHP along with MySQL and the frameworks, Codeigniter or Laravel. It includes an opportunity to work on modules of a live project.


Outcome of the course:

  • Students shall learn PHP fundamentals as well as advanced aspects like frameworks with practical implementation in live projects
  • They shall learn to build applications using Laravel or Codeigniter
  • They shall learn how to use routes and how to create and use controllers/ views and what they are
  • They shall learn how to connect to and use databases and how to create migrations and what they are
  • They shall learn about GitHub or version control and a lot more
Course Duration

40 Hours


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Course Details:

  • The total duration of the class will be 40 hours (20 hours of theory and 20 hours of practical).
  • Beginners and designers who want to start back-end programming and developers who want to learn a new language can take up this course.

Additional information

Course Duration

40 Hours


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