We offer opportunities to college students to do live projects and/or internships as part of their course curriculum. We assign a live project to each student/ team and also provide them a guide. We assign projects that give the students a platform to display their competencies. On successful completion of the project, students will be given a  project and/or internship certificate.

 The project guidelines are as follows:

  • .Net/Java/Android/PHP projects are available. The projects will be finalized after discussions with the students.
  • An internship shall also be provided along with the project as needed, in which case both project and internship certificate will be awarded.
  • A project is of 3-6 months’ duration or as per college mandate depending on whether an internship is also involved. Timing shall be communicated and discussed with the students to accommodate   the convenience of students, trainers and guides because experts working in a live environment shall also offer inputs for the project and/or internship.

Based on the students’ knowledge base, they can choose any one of the following options.

  • Language and project/internship guidance: The student will be taught a language as well as will be doing the project/internship in the company.
  • Project/Internship guidance: Project/internship support will be given assuming that the student has a thorough knowledge in any of the above said programming languages.

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